Información sobre Restaurantes en Cáceres


OLD TOWN AND SURROUNDINGS: These restaurants offer a wide variety of local specialties at very affordable prices in the very heart of the Old Town of Cáceres. (Price range: 20-30 €)

  • A hidden jewel. A small, cozy restaurant with a very intimate ambience and great-tasting dishes.
    • Address: Calle Adarve del Padre Rosalío 14, 10003 Cáceres
    • Phone number: 927 21 55 11


  • La Cacharrería. One of the most popular restaurants in Cáceres at the moment. Reservations are not taken and space is limited, so it’s important to arrive early.
    • Address: Calle Orellana 1, 1003 Cáceres
    • Phone number: 927 03 07 23


  • Tapería Yuste. Located in the beautiful San Juan Square, its menu boasts local dishes elaborated with typical ingredients from Extremadura. For an upscale version, you can go at their restaurant, Palacio de Oquendo, located inside Hotel Palacio de Oquendo, where you can enjoy a fine meal at moderate prices. Mention that you are in Cáceres at the Conference organized by Universidad de Extremadura, and ask about their “university menu” (only at lunch).


  • Tapería La Minerva. Located in the Main Square, it offers a fantastic alfresco dining experience with wonderful views to the Old Town.


  • Tapería Jardín de Ulloa. Located in the iconic San Jorge Square, its outdoors sitting area allows visitors to enjoy a casual dining experience sitting in one of the most unforgettable spots in the Old Town.


  • Tapería Hornos 25: A modern-looking restaurant in the bustling area of the Santa Clara square. The restaurant is small and tends to fill quickly so it’s important to arrive early.


  • Resturante y tapería El Requeté: A mixture of traditional cuisine and avant-gard dishes. Affordable fixed menus.
    • Address: Plaza Mayor 27, 10003 Cáceres
    • Phone Number: 927 34 55 51

FINE DINING: For foodies who want to enjoy a more elevated dining experience in Cáceres. (Price range: 30- 60€)

  • Restaurante Oquendo. A classic. Traditional dishes with an innovative touch. You can make reservations at the restaurant or stop by for tapas (get there early).


  • Restaurante El Figón de Eustaquio. Founded by Eustaquio Blanco, one of the best Extemenian Chefs, el Figón is one of the most renowned restaurants in Cáceres. Its menu preserves and celebrates traditional ingredients and dishes from Extremadura.


  • Eustaquio Blanco. This elegant, spacious restaurant offers a more modern take on Blanco’s dishes. His family continues his culinary legacy, providing excellent food and attentive service. This restaurant also has a “tapería” with a more affordable tapas menu that tends to get really busy on weekends.


  • Madruelo. Located in an old traditional house very close to Plaza Mayor, this restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere and prime quality.
    • Address: Calle Camberos 2, 10001 Cáceres
    • Phone Number: 927 24 36 66
    • Website:


 TRENDY RESTAURANTS: These locals’ favorite restaurants can be found in some of the most buzzing areas in Cáceres. (Price range: 20-30 €)

  • Organic, local ingredients are used in high-quality dishes to be enjoyed in a hip and minimalistic-style restaurant.
    • Address: Plaza de la Concepción 10, 10003 Cáceres
    • Phone Number: 669 54 67 78


  • This small, uniquely decorated restaurant offers great service and tasty dishes served at candle-lit tables. Bookings are not taken and it fills quite quickly so it’s highly advisable to get there early.
    • Address: Plaza Marrón 7, 10002 Cáceres
    • Phone Number: 927 28 95 47


  • Gastrobar Mastropiero. Located in the “movida” area, close to clubs and bars, this “gastrobar” offers hip atmosphere and innovative tapas. Don’t miss their garden.


INTERNATIONAL CUISINE (Price range: 20-30€)

  • Restaurante Casa Mijhaeli. Colorful and vibrant, this restaurant offers delicious food from all over the world along with an attentive service. Its menu also includes vegetarian options.


  • La Tagliatella. Family friendly restaurant that offers generous-sized Italian food classics.


  • La Morocha. The menu in this newly opened restaurant is the result of the fusion of Argentinian and Italian cuisine.
    • Address: Plaza San Juan 2, 10003 Cáceres
    • Phone Number: 927 18 08 88


  • Taquería Los Plebes. Real Mexican cuisine (prepared by a real Mexican chef) at affordable prices.
    • Address: Avenida de Alemania 22, 10005 Cáceres.
    • Phone Number: 927 76 10 47


  • La Mafia se sienta a la mesa. Albeit its not very fortunate name, this Italian restaurant can satisfy healthy appetites.
  • Recently opened, this is a good place for pizza and international-style Italian food. Features gluten-free menus.
    • Address: Calle San Pedro de Alcántara 16, 10001 Cáceres
    • Phone Number: 927 62 70 70
    • Website:



  • Brotes Verdes. Tasty vegetarian cuisine and great attentive service. It also offers vegan and cruditarian dishes in its healthy menu.


  • The first vegan restaurant in Cáceres. Organic, vegan cuisine served in a warm, welcoming décor.
    • Address: Calle Sergio Sánchez 10, 10003 Cáceres
    • Phone Number: 927 22 13 39


  • Restaurante Atrio. Our own two-Michelin-star restaurant. Upscale, sophisticated, minimalist, intimate. Features over 200 vintage wines. Expensive, but less so than the same type or restaurant in other parts of the world. Located in the heart of the Old Town. Consider breakfast as a more reasonable option if you do not want to miss the experience (make a reservation).
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